Achieving peak performance demands an ongoing commitment to be the best you can be. The resolve to continually refine skills, push goals further out, then readjust expectations accordingly. In the quest for excellence, elite leaders, athletes and performers possess 5 attributes that, in concert, enable them to excel in the face of competition or adversity.

  • Passion is the primary ingredient and catalyst, an unquenchable desire deeply embedded in their emotional DNA.
  • Authenticity meaning being who we are, not who others feel we should be. High performers constantly assess themselves in real-world situations to get a deeper understanding of who they are their core.
  • An unrelenting dedication to self-improvement. Athletes and actors continually hone their skills, while expanding their repertoire, even though they don’t know specifically when or where they’ll use them.
  • Being present meaning heightening awareness of what’s happening right now! As a consequence, our flexibility, agility and adaptability become more acute.
  • Mental toughness. The differentiator for those who achieve excellence is the willingness to become “comfortable in their discomfort”.